I was born in 1964, in Kyiv, Ukraine. I live and work in Ukraine. Architect-artist by profession. I graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv. As a certified architect, I practice in Ukraine, collaborating with international architectural companies. I work in the format of my own architectural bureau: https://vg-arch.com 
As an artist, I practice traditional drawing techniques, the author's palette knife painting technique.
My passion for ships and boats has been with me throughout my life. That is why, having an academic art education, as a marine artist, I prefer marine themes in my work. My artistic creativity is a picturesque story about unique ships, vessels, boats that are in the service of man. The portfolio includes several picturesque series, canvases of different genre and thematic focus: romantic seascape, industrial landscape, historical reconstruction in thematic series: STEEL GIANTS, MUSEUM SHIPS, FISHING BOATS, LIGHTHOUSES, OCEAN LINERS & FINE ART, GOLDEN AGE... 
For me, ships and boat are living beings, each with its own character. They say that there is a lot of steel and masculine energy in my marine series. So it's true! Dynamic design, contours of hulls, majestic superstructures of tankers, cruisers, steamships, sailboats, fishing boats - everything has aesthetically finished forms that have always inspired marine artists!
My marine painting is a tribute to sailors, ships, engineers, volunteers, and everyone who served and continues to serve in the navy.
Exhibitions and expositions in the last 4 years:
PERSONAL EXHIBITION Triptych Art Gallery 2024 May 2 - June 22
PERSONAL EXHIBITION Triptych Art Gallery 2023 May 18 - June 7
KOD STUPKA Taras Shevchenko National Museum 2021 August 28 – September 10
PERSONAL EXHIBITION Art gallery of the National Bank of Ukraine Personal exhibition 2021 July 19 - August 18
SHIPS & BOATS Syaivo Municipal Bookstore 2021 June 19-30
PERSONAL EXHIBITION Kolovorot Art Gallery 2021 June 01-19
ENIGMA COLORS Mytets Art Gallery 2021 May 12-20
THE MAGIC OF ART Mytets Art Gallery 2020 May 22-30
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